We focus on the real experience of fencing.

We focus on the real experience of fencing

At Elite Fencing Club | Academy, we focus on the real experience of fencing – strong fundamentals and growing each fencers’ skills to become a better fencer whether recreational, or competitive. It does not matter your age or ability; anyone can begin fencing and achieve success! We look forward to helping make fencing part of your lifestyle.

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand and eye coordination is good for multiple sports, especially fencing. At Elite, our drills are designed to enhance and improve the fencer’s ability to unite their visual and motor skills.

Improves Self-Discipline

Training at Elite is designed to increase a fencer’s ability to practice self- control and time management on and off the strip.

Increases Agility & Flexibility

Fencing forces the arms and legs to work together in a harmonious fashion as they attack, defend and counter-attack. Coordination makes all these moves smoother and more efficient during a bout. At Elite, training is specific to balance, coordination and alertness giving fencers the ability to adapt in situational bouting.

Instills Camaraderie

Fencing provides a healthy environment for competition, rivalry, and sportsmanship, as well as learning the lesson of losing and winning.

College Recruiting & Scholarships

NCAA and college fencing clubs recruit elite fencing athletes. Fencers are typically considered well rounded students and often receive academic and sports scholarships.

Expands Social Circle

Fencing broadens an athlete’s cultural awareness and experience.