Our Founder

Fencing teaches you how to live your life. It’s not about winning. There’s no reason to boast about winning a bout or brag about your success. At the same time, there’s no reason to be upset about losing a bout or be disappointed about your failure. It’s all about how much you can take and keep moving forward. After getting hit as hard as life can hit you, you will see yourself standing at the finish line in victory. And wherever your life journey is meant to take you, that victory will stay with you and strengthen you.

I am a fencer, a parent of three fencers, and an owner of a club of many fencers. First, I was a parent of fencers. All parents wants their kids to receive only the best. I traveled from the U.S. to Asia, South America, and Europe searching for the best coach. I was searching for more than the best fencing teacher: I was also looking for someone with integrity, sincerity, and mentorship skills. After interviewing many candidates, I found that Coach Ahmed Fayez was by far the best. And I am glad to be a business partner and a lifetime friend with Coach Ahmed Fayez.

Elite Fencing Academy was founded in 2019. We brought Coach Ayman Fayez, the current resident Olympian, and Coach Sherif Fayez, our assistant coach, to the Academy. With this trio of the best coaches anywhere, we earned two Gold Medals in Men’s Division I Individual and Men’s Division I Team—in addition to many other significant results—within the first eight months! This is quite phenomenal. Our hard work and knowhow have already started to pay off. And we will continue to succeed.

If you are a serious fencer—or a parent of future fencers—who considers fencing to be your sport, you must understand that having the highest caliber coaching is the key to success. I proudly announce that you will not experience higher quality coaching anywhere else than Elite Fencing Academy. I urge you to spend your time and money wisely by choosing Elite Fencing Academy. You will experience the difference immediately. Come join us!

Jeff Kim
Hustle, Hit & Never Quit!