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In DIV I-A . Women’s Èpèe.

In DIV I-A Women’s Èpèe :
– Meera Desai : 9th place and renewed her B to B22 👏
– Auprell Edwards in her first ever summer Nationals finished 16th and earned B22 👏

*USA Fencing National Championships . July Challenge 2022.

Congratulations to Tyler Cho for finishing 3rd out of 186 fencers And earned BRONZE medal 🥉in Div I-A Men’s Èpèe. Way to go Tyler!!

Also Congratulations to Michaela Joyce for finishing 7th place out of 126 fencers in Div I Women’s Èpèe. Great job Michaela!!

Tyler is attending NYU and Michaela is attending University of Notre Dame next year. We wish you both great career fencing in the college.

*USA Fencing National Championships . July Challenge 2022.

Our Cadet Men’s Èpèe fencers did so well today. They fought hard and earned TWO more National medals! Also many of our fencers earned Cadet National points.

Out of 255 fencers :
– Shwan Lee : 5th place 👏
– Ryan Jeyoon : 6th place 👏
– Dylan Kim : 28th
– Daniel Lee : 37th
– Charles Leone : 39th
– Samuel Lee : 45th
– Dominik Vaccaro : 50th

Congratulations to all the fencers, Parents and our dedicated coaches!

*USA Fencing National Championships . July Challenge 2022.

USA Fencing National Championships and July Challenge 2022*

Another day and another Medal. This time in the DivII Men’s Èpèe.
Congratulations to Tristan Wang for finishing 7th out of 220 fencers and earned Medal 👏

Also very good job to Anusha Kumar for finishing 27th out of 129 fencers in Y14 Women’s Èpèe and earned National poin

*USA Fencing National Championships . July Challenge 2022.

Our fencers keep fencing hard and earning more Medals.

In Y10 Women’s Èpèe :

– Navya Neelam : GOLD 🥇and become a National Champion also earned her E22
– Gloria Lee : BRONZE 🥉

Both Navya and Gloria fenced in last March NAC for Gold. This great consistency is due to hard work and dedication. We are so proud of you.

*USA Fencing National Championships . July Challenge 2022.

Our fencers finished the tournament with very strong performance bringing home FOUR more medals.
This year EFA fencers earned total of 11 National medals!! We doubled our medals count from last year.

Thanks to all our fencers, parents and coaches who worked hard all the season to achieve such accomplishment.

In DivIII Women’s Èpèe :
– Alicen Spurlin : BRONZE 🥉 and C22
– Anusha Kumar : 5th place 👏
– Lucy Bybee : 6th Place 👏

In Y10 Men’s Èpèe :
– James Boudreaux : 8th place in his first National event 👏
– Julian kim : 15th place and still have one more season in Y10.

Congratulations to all our fencers who fought hard, Medaled and earned National points.