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March North . 2022 American Cup.

In Y14 Men’s Epee Ryan Jeyeoon
continues to dominate the National Podium
with his 3rd GOLD in a row πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

In Y10 Women’s Epee girls

– Gloria Lee earned GOLD and E22 πŸ₯‡
– Navya Neelam earned SILVERπŸ₯ˆ

Magic City RYC/RJCC. Alabama. Pt.1

Y10 men’s Epee:
– Julian Kim : GOLD πŸ₯‡
– Gavin Gonzalez : BRONZE πŸ₯‰
– Joshua Yi : 5th place πŸ‘
– Matthew Chang : 6th πŸ‘
– Aidan Cha : 8th πŸ‘

Y10 women’s Epee:
– Navya Neelam : GOLD πŸ₯‡

Y12 women’s Epee
– Navya Neelam : GOLD πŸ₯‡
– Claire Wang : SILVER πŸ₯ˆ

Y12 Men’s Epee
– Aaron Gonzalez : SILVER πŸ₯ˆ
– Gavin Gonzalez : 5th place πŸ‘
– Patrick Cha : 7th place πŸ‘

Y 14 women’s Epee:
– Ayah Pullen : GOLD πŸ₯‡
– Anna Donges: BRONZE πŸ₯‰
– Claire Wang : 5th place πŸ‘

Y14 men’s Epee:
– Andrew Chung : 6th place πŸ‘

Cadet Women’s Epee
– Anna Donges : SILVER πŸ₯ˆand E22
– Ayah Pullen : BRONZE πŸ₯‰and E22
– Zarina Wang : BRONZE πŸ₯‰and E22
– Neha Neelam : 5th place πŸ‘

Cadet Men’s Epee
– Vikhyat Arun : 7th place and E22 πŸ‘

Junior men’s Epee
– Tyler Cho : GOLD πŸ₯‡ and A22
– Dylan Kim : SILVER πŸ₯ˆ
– Logan Gatza : 5th place πŸ‘

Junior Women’s Epee:
– Auprell Edwards BRONZE πŸ₯‰
– Neha Neelam : 6th place πŸ‘
– Ayah Pullen : 8th place πŸ‘

Magic City RYC/RJCC. Alabama. Pt.2

Y10 women’s saber:
– Felicia Yang : GOLD πŸ₯‡

Y10 men’s saber:
– Justin Yang : GOLD πŸ₯‡
– Christopher Favo : 5th place πŸ‘

Y12 Men’s saber:
– Justin Yang : GOLD πŸ₯‡
– Michael Kurilo : 5th place πŸ‘

Y12 women’s saber
– Bella Favo 7th place πŸ‘

Y14 women’s saber:
– Bella Favor : BRONZE πŸ₯‰

Y14 men’s saber
– Justin Yang : BRONZE πŸ₯‰
– Emmeric Montalvo : 7th place πŸ‘
– Eric Ye : 8th place πŸ‘

Cadet Men’s saber:
– Emmeric Montalvo : 5th place πŸ‘

Junior Women’s Epee at. Pan American Championship.

Michaela Nicole Joyce wining SILVER

Goldfinch ROC . in Metuchen.

Congratulations to Ethan Kim for wining BRONZE πŸ₯‰in Junior Men’s Epee & To Dylan Kim for wining BRONZE πŸ₯‰in DIVII Men’s Epee at Goldfinch ROC in Metuchen, NJ.